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As a business owner, you want a company benefit plan that will keep your employees happy. At the same time, you must remain focused on building and protecting your own financial security.

Your business and personal retirement goals are unique. Your benefit solutions should be, too.

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We understand the financial and business challenges that you face, and we can help. We work hand-in-hand with business owners, professionals, retirement plan sponsors, retirement plan providers, CPA firms and third-party administration firms to design, implement and administer a wide array of qualified retirement plans.

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From simple 401(k) plans and Profit Sharing  plans to custom-designed Defined Benefit plans, Cash Balance plans and ESOPs, we have the expertise, the insight and the experience that’s needed to help you maximize your tax savings.

And your retirement dollars.


The Tools We Use

Defined Benefit Plans/
Cash Balance Plans »

Larger employer contributions, guaranteed and predictable monthly benefits, vesting flexibility. Defined Benefit Plans may provide a single solution to your multiple pension and financial challenges.

Defined benefit plans, defined »

Plans »

Today’s 401(k) plans offer business owners and employees tax savings and investment flexibility. Is a 401(k) right for you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of 401(k) plans?

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Profit Sharing
Plans »

Profit Sharing Plans come in all shapes and sizes. So which type of plan is best suited to meet your financial goals? We’ll design one that reduces your tax burden and maximizes retirement contributions.

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Plans »

Looking to convert your closely held business ownership into liquid, diversified capital? An ESOP Plan may be the ideal vehicle for you. These plans offer sizeable tax and investment advantages.

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